The Writing on the Wall
Daniel 2
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

"The writing on the wall", is not only a figure of speech used to address obvious signs of regress and inevitable collapse; The idiom is canonically biblical (Daniel 5).

God's warnings are presented to us in plain sight: those who do not hold Jesus in their heart are blind to His word. The wise men of Babylon were oblivious to the fact that their King did not live up to his expectations, that his days were numbered, and that his kingdom would be split up.

At the time, only Daniel could understand this prophecy, for he saw by the light of the holy spirit. Although the author makes no claim of being a prophet, this blog serves to unveil and connect the biblical signs of revelation to modernity, through various musings on faith, politics, mathematics, and science to name a few.

Here you can find long form articles that unravel the tricks and spells of the anti-Christ while praising the Good Shepard; covering scriptural analysis and critiques on modern modes of thought from a young man's discernment.

This blog does not aim to be an eschatological doctrine directory. This theology can be misguiding and flat out false. Instead the author emphasizes putting on the armor of God. If you don't feel hopeful or level headed after any of these readings, stop and open a Bible: there is no substitute.

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